All India PG – 2001(part 1)

All india 2001 MD entrance paper with suggested answers

1. All of following are correct about Thromboxane A2 except

a. low dose aspirin inhibit it


c. secreted by WBC


Ans. c

2. A lady, while driving a car mets with an accidet. She was admitted in an ICU for 6 moths. After being discharged, she often gets up in night and feels terrified and has fear to sit in car again. The diagnosis

a. panic disorder

b. phobia

c. conversion disorder

d. post traumatic stress disorder

Ans. d

3. true statement is about neurocystisercosis

a. usually presents with seizure resistant to anti epileptic drugs

b. albendazole is more effective than praziquantel

c. usually presents with 6th nerve palsy and hemiperesis


Ans. a

4. In brain, free radicals are detoxified by

a. Supra oxide dismutase

b. MAO



Ans. a

5. An elderly man has abdomianl pain, found to have fusiform dilatation of the descending aorta. Likely cause is


b. atherosclerosis

c. right ventricular failure

d. syphilis aortitis

Ans. b

6. A woman complains of headache associated with paresthesias of the right upper and lower limb:

a. trigeminal neuralgia

b. glossopharyngeal neuralgia

c. migraine

d. cluster haedache

Ans. c

7. a patient with B/L proptosis, heat intolerance and tolerance, unlikely diagnosis

a. hashimoto’s thyroiditis

b. thyroid adenoma

c. diffuse thyroid goitre

d. reidel’s thyroiditis

Ans. d

8. A patient presents with MEN II

a. Which of the following is not a feature of this:

a. pituitary adenoma

b. pheochromocytoma

c. medullary ca thyroid

d. neuromas

Ans. a

9. A pt is brought with head injury, head on collision and BP 90/60. Tachycardia present. diagnosis.

a. EDH

b. SDH

c. Intracranial hemorrhage

d. Intraabdominal bleed

Ans. d

10. Primary peritonitis is more common in females because

a. ostia of Follopian tubes communicate with abdominal cavity

b. peritoneum overlies the uterus

c. rupture of functional ovarian cysts


Ans. a

11 digoxin is NOT indicated in

a. atrial flutter

b. atrial fibrillation

c. high output failure


Ans. c

12. All of the folloing are correct regarding AV fistula except

a. arterialisation of the veins

b. proximal compression causes increase in heart rate

c. Causes arhhythemia

d. Cause Lv enlargement and LVF

Ans. b

13. A country with population of 1000 million, birth rate 23, death rate 6, is in which phase?

a. early expanding

b. late expanding

c. plateau

d. declining

Ans. b

14. best test to detect iron deficiency in community

a. transferrin

b. serum ferritin

c. serum iron

d. hemoglobin Ans b

15. Babu presents h/o road accident. He is hypotensive. Most likely ruptures organ is

a. spleen

b. mesentry

c. kidney

d. rectum

Ans. a

16. A patient has an accident with resultant transection of the pituitary stalk: what will NOT occur

a. diabetes mellitus

b. diabetes insipidus

c. hyperprolactinemia

d. hypothyroidism

Ans. a

17. pancreatic ca is caused by

a. fasciola

b. clonorchis

c. paragonimus

d. Ans b

18. man weighs 68 kg, consumes 325 gm carbohydrate, 65 gm protein, 35 gms fat: applicable statement:

a. his total calorie intake is 3000

b. he has a equal proportion of fat/carbo/protein as with balanced diet

c. he has a negative nitrogen balance

d. he is consuming 30 % of diet as fat.

Ans. b

19. Characteristic finding in CT of a TB case is

a. exudates seen in basal cistern

b. hydrocephalus is commonly seen



Ans. a

20. A man with fever wt loss and cough, mantoux is 17 x 19 mm induration, sputum cytology negative for AF

b. Diagnosis:

a. pulm tuberculosis

b. fungal infection

c. viral pneumonia

d. pneumonia

Ans. a

21. A 30-year-old male complains of loss of erection with low testosterone and high prolactin level in bloo

d. What is the likely diagnosis (sent in by AMIT BATLA) a) Pituitary adenoma b) Testicular failure c) Cranio pharyngioma d) Cushing’s syndrome

Ans. a

22. A 18 yr old presents with massive hematemesis; history of fever for the past 14 days; rx with drugs; moderate spleen present; diagnosis

a. NSAID induced gastritis

b. Drug induced gastritis

c. Esophageal varices

d. duodenal ulcer

Ans. a

23. patient has tumor of the lower jaw, involvement of the alveolar margin. He is edentulous. Rx of choice

a. hemimandiblectomy

b. commando operation

c. segmental mandiblectomy

d. marginal mandibulectomy Ans c (ref CSDT)

24. Virulance of a disease is indicated by

a. proportional mortality rate

b. specific mortality rate

c. case fatality ratio

d. amount of GDP spent on the disease

Ans. c

25. most common site for squamous ca esophagus

a. upper third

b. mid third

c. lower third

d. GE jn.

Ans. b

26.In a 27 yr old male most common cause of a colo-vesical fistula:

a. crohns

b. ulcerative colitis

c. TB

d. Cancer

Ans. a

27. ulcer developing in burns tissue

a. marjolins

b. rodent

c. melanies

d. curlings

Ans. a

28. pts semen sample reveals 15 million sperms, 60 % normal morphology, 60% motile, sperm volume is 2 ml, no agglutination: diagnosis

a. azoospermia

b. aspermia

c. oligospermia

d. normospermia

Ans. c

29. ca prostate commonly metastasises to the vertebrae because

a. valveless communication with batsons plexus

b. Drain to Sacral lymph node

c. Direst Spread


Ans. a

30. patient presents after trauma, with blood at the tip of urinary meatus. Can only pass a drop of urine. Next step:

a. arrange for dialysis

b. MCU

c. Catheterise, drain bladder, remove foleys

d. Catheterise and retain foleys.

Ans. b

31. patient with pancreatitis undergoes sudden loss of vision; possibility:

a. methanol toxicity

b. ethanol toxicity

c. methanol toxicity followed by ethanol therapy

d. purtschers retinopathy

Ans. d

32. what is true regarding pyloric stenosis

a. more common in girls

b. hypochloremic alkalosis

c. hellers myotomy is the procedure

d. most often manifests at birth

Ans. b

33. Glycosylated Hb is used for

a. identification of long term Glucose level

b. identification of recent Glucose level



Ans. a

34. in a population of 10,000, beta carotene was given to 6000; not given to the remainder. 3 out of the first group got lung cancer; 2 out of the other 4000 also got lung cancer; conclusion:

a. beta carotene and lung cancer have no relation to one another

b. the p value is not significant

c. the study is not designed properly

d. beta carotene is associated with lung cancer

Ans a

35. patient undergoes thyroid surgery, following which he develops perioral tingling. Blood Ca is 8.9 meq, next step is

a. vit D orally

b. oral Ca and vit D

c. intravenous calcium and serial monitoring

d. wait for Ca to decrease to < 7.0

Ans. c

36. Under the national TB programme, for a PHC to be called a PHI-R, requisite is

a. microscopy

b. microscopy plus radiology

c. radiology


Ans. b

37. male pt, 20 yrs old, from jaipur, has erythematous lesion with central crusting, on cheek; diagnosis:

a. SLE

b. Lupus vulgaris

c. Chilblains

d. Cutaneous leishmaniasis

Ans. d

38. tumor associated with polycythemia vera

a. sarcoma


c. Cerebellar haemangioblastoma


Ans. c

39. population of 10,000, birth rate 36 per 1000, 5 maternal deaths, the MMR is

a. 14.5

b. 13.8

c. 20

d. 5

Ans. b

40. Correct about theophyllin is

a. t1/2 is less in CHF

b. t1/2 is less in smoker



Ans. a

41. 10 babies are born in a hospital on same day. All weight 2.8 kg each; calculate the standard deviation.

a. zero

b. one

c. minus one

d. 0.28

Ans. a

42. A 45 yrs old man presents with progressive cervical lymph nodes enlargement, since 3 months, most appropiate investigation

a. xray soft tissue


c. Lymph node biopsy


Ans. c

43. ELISA is performed on a population. What would be the result of performing double screening ELISA tests?

a. Incresed sensitivity and positive predictive value

b. Incresed sensitivity and negative predictive value

c. Incresed specificity and positive predictive value

d. Incresed specificity and negative predictive value Ans c

44. hundred children out of whom 28 are immunise

d. 2 of them get measles simultaneously. Subsequently 14 get measles. Assume the efficacy of the vaccine to be 100%. What is the sec. Attack rate?

a. 5%

b. 10%

c. 20%

d. 21.5%

Ans. c

45. male aged 60 has foul breath, regurgitates food that is eaten 3 days ago:

a. zenkers diverticulum

b. meckels diverticulum

c. scleroderma

d. achalasia cardia

Ans a

46. Of 11 births, 5 babies weighed over 2.5 kg and 4 weighed less than 2.5 kg. What value does 2.5 represent

a. geometric average

b. arithmetic average

c. median average

d. mode

Ans. c

47. subcentre in a hilly area caters to

a. 1000

b. 2000

c. 3000

d. 5000

Ans. c

48. adenosine deaminase deficiency is seen which condition

a. hypolipoproteinemia

b. Hypercholestrolemia

c. chronic granulomatous disease

d. nezelof syndrome

Ans. c

49. All of the following are true except

a. E coli grows in alkaline media




Ans. ?

50. True about albumin is

a. low molecular weight, high conc

b. high molecular weight, low conc

c. low molecular weight, low conc

d. high molecular weight, high conc

Ans. a

51. Urinalysis shows RBC casts, likely source is

a. kidney

b. ureter

c. bladder

d. urethra

Ans. a

52. FALSE about DOTS is

a. continuation phase drugs are given in a multiblister pack

b. medication is to be taken in presence of a health worker

c. biweekly dosage

d. improves compliance

Ans. c

53. All of the following are correct about axillary vein thrombosis except

a. cervical rib may cause

b. can be treated with iv anticaogulant

c. Embolectomy done in all cases


Ans. c

54. lacunar infarcts are caused by:

a. lipohyalinosis of penetrating arteries

b. middle carotid artery involvement

c. emboli to anterior circulation


Ans. a

55. An elderly man has features of dementia, ataxia and difficulty in downward gaze: diagnosis:

a. parkinsons

b. supranuclear gaze palsy

c. alzheimers disease


Ans. b

56. All of the following are correct about cortisol except

a. increase glucose, glycogen sysnthesis in liver

b. attached to membrane and then act on nucleus



Ans. b

57. microfilaria are seen in peripheral blood in which stage of filariasis:

a. tropical eosinophilia

b. early elephantiasis

c. early adenolymphangitis stage


Ans. ? c

58. Treatment of of kawasaki disease in children

a. oral steroids

b. iv steroids

c. iv Ig

d. mycophenolate mefentil

Ans. c

59. man aged 30y, has alopecia, boggy scalp swelling; hair easily pulled out; diagnostic test:

a. KOH staining

b. Culture sensitivity

c. Biopsy


Ans. a

60. girl aged 19 with arthritis, alopesia, photosensitive rash on the cheek

a. SLE

b. Not SLE



Ans. a

61. Most useful investigation in diabetic mother to identify DM in first trimester

a. Glycosylated Hb




Ans. a

62. disease NOT to be screened for in workers to be employed in a dye industry in gujarat?

a. anemia

b. bronchial asthma

c. bladder cancer

d. Precaancerous lesion

Ans. a

63. patient with arthritis, skin hyperpigmentation, hypogonadism, diagnosis

a. hemochromatosis

b. SLE



Ans. a

64. man aged 19 gets painless penile ulcer 10 days after sexual intercourse with a professional sex worker. Diagnosis is

a. chancroid

b. herpes

c. primary chancre

d. traumatic ulcer

Ans. c

65. Which of the follwing is NOT seen in wilsons disease

a. cerebellar ataxia

b. peripheral neuropathy

c. dysphagia

d. stocking and gloving in right hand

Ans. d

66. boy aged 8 from TN has a white non anesthetic nonscaly hypopigmented macule on his face:

a. pityriasis alba

b. pityriasis versicolor

c. indeterminate leprosy


Ans. c

67. child with itchy lesions over the groin and the prepuce. What will NOT to be advised

a. bathe and apply scabicidal

b. treat family

c. burn clothes

d. IV antibiotics

Ans. d

68. A man presents with mass at duodenojejunal flexor invading renal papill

a. HPE reported as lymphoma, true statement is

a. staging will not be done until bone marrow examination performed

b. II E stage

c. III E Stage

d. IV E stage

Ans. ?

69. girl aged 19 has light brown pigmentation over the malar eminences; diagnosis:

a. chloasma

b. SLE

c. photodermtitis


Ans. a

70. most common organism causing tinea capitis

a. trichophyton tonsurans

b. microsporum

c. epidermophyton

d. candida albicans

Ans. a

71. Young patient presents with jaundice. Bilirubin is 21, direct is 9.6, alkphos 84 KA units. Diagnosis.

a. hemolytic jaundice

b. viral hepatitis

c. chronic active hepatitis

d. obstructive jaundice

Ans. d

72. fistula in ano, what is true.

a. postr fistulae have straight tracks

b. high fistulae can be operated with no fear of incontinence

c. high and low division is based on pelvic floor

d. intersphincteric is the most common

Ans. c

73. A person who is on starvation for 5 days. Glucose is given for GTT. Findings will be all except

a. GH decrease ???

b. decreased ? insulin

c. increase cortisol ???

d. insulin tolerence ???

Ans. ?

74. 60 yr old man with suspected bronchogenic ca; TB has been ruled out in this pt. What investigation would be chosen.

a. CT guided FNAC

b. Bronchoscopy and biopsy

c. X-ray

d. sputum examination

Ans. b

75. A patient of acute right ventricle infr. modalities of TT

a. IV fluids

b. digoxin

c. diuretics


Ans. a

76. Most common cause of unilateral parotid swelling in a 27 yr old male

a. warthins tumor

b. pleomorphic adenoma

c. adenocarcinoma

d. Haemangioma

Ans. b

77. A destitute woman admitted with altered sensorium, dehydration; urine analysis showed mild proteinuria and no sugar; what other test would be desirable.

a. fouchet

b. rothera

c. hays


Ans. b

78. Reagrding HIV infection, not true is

a. p24 is used for early diagnosis

b. lysis of infected CD4 cells

c. dendritic cells support replication

d. macrophage is reservoir of virus

Ans. c

79. young male presents with recurrent abdominal pain and gallbladder stone; serum bilirubin 2.5, Hb 6, urine shows urobilinogen positive; diagnosis

a. hemolytic anaemia

b. G6 PD deficiency

c. hepatocellular jaundice

d. protoporphyria

Ans. a

80. All of the following are true about type I respiratory failure except

a. decreased PaO2

b. decreased PaCO2

c. normal PaCO2

d. normal A-a gradient

Ans. d

81. dry marrow tap, peripheral smear has tear drop cells, being investigated for anemia

a. leukemia

b. lymphoma

c. myelofibrosis

d. polycythemia rubra vera

Ans. c

82. person received tetanus full immunisation 10 years ago, now has clean wound without lacerations 2.5 hours ago. Next step:

a. full course of tetanus toxoid

b. single tetanus booster dose

c. tet globulin

d. tet glob and booster dose

Ans. b

83. A diabetic female on INH and rifampin for TB suffers DVT: started on warfarin: PT is not raised: next step:

a. Long term heparin therapy

b. increase dose of warfarin

c. switch ethambutol for rifampin

d. use LMW heparin

Ans. ? c/d

84. Chandu. A 45 yrs male has calcification on AP view Rt side of abdomen. In lateral view the calcification is seen to overlie the spine. most likely diagnosis

a. gallstones

b. calcified mesenteric nodes

c. renal stones

d. Calcifird Rib Ansc c

85. False statement regarding tetanus is

a. five dose immunisation provides life long immunity

b. TT provides no protection in the present injury



Ans. a

86. A patient on phenytoin for seizures, develops depression, rx with tricyclics, now complains of lassitude, Hb is 8; next test to do.

a. chest x ray

b. MCV



Ans. b

87. A woman has bilateral headache worsening with emotional stress; both children doing badly in school; diagnosis

a. migraine

b. cluster headache

c. tension headache


Ans. c

88. Basanti, aged 30, episodic throbbing headache for past 4 yrs, nausea, vomiting:

a. migraine

b. cluster headache

c. angle closure glaucoma

d. temporal arteritis

Ans. b

89. Pulm edema associated with normal PCWP. Which of the following is NOT a cause

a. high altitude

b. narcotics overdose

c. post cardiopulm bypass

d. bilateral renal artery stenosis

Ans. d

90. In myasthenia gravis, correct statement regarding thymectomy is

a. done in all cases

b. done in cases with ocular involvement only

c. not required if controlled by anticholinesterases

d. most cases are associated with thymoma

Ans. ?

91. A young basketball player with ht 184 cm and arm span 197 cm has a diastolic murmur. Possibility:

a. AS

b. Coarctation of aorta

c. AR

d. MS

Ans. c

92. A woman has septic abortion done; vegetation on tricuspid valve is likely to go to:

a. lung

b. liver

c. spleen

d. brain

Ans. a

93. A patient with engorged neck veins, BP 80/50 and pulse rate of 100 following blunt trauma to the chest:

a. pneumothorax

b. right ventricular failure

c. cardiac tamponade


Ans. c

94. A patient with Hb level of 6, WBC 2000, normal Different. Coutn except for having 6% blasts, platelets reduced to 20,000; moderate splenomegaly; possible diagnosis.

a. Acute leukemia

b. aplastic anemia

c. Lymphoma

d. ITP

Ans. a

95. A patient presents with LVH. On ECG, left axis deviation and some pulmonary complications. Most likely diagnosis si

a. TOF

b. tricuspid atresia


d. VSD

Ans. b

96. All of the following are associated with HUS except

a. thrombocytopenia

b. ab

d. pain

c. purpura


Ans. a

97. In a community, increase in new cases denotes

a. increase incidence rate

b. increase prevalence rate

c. decrease incidence rate

d. decrease prevalence rate

Ans. a

98. All of the following are true regarding fibrolamellar cancer of the liver, except

a. more in women

b. better prognosis than HCC

c. increase AFP


Ans. c

99. Following a sexual intercourse, person develops left testes pain that does not get relieved on elevation of scrotum. Diagnosis is

a. epididymo-orchitis

b. torsion testis

c. fourniers gangrene

d. tumor

Ans. b

100. A man presents with non productive cough 4 weeks, grade III clubbing, apical lobe lesion on xray. Diagnosis?

a. small cell ca

b. non small cell ca

c. fungal infection

d. tuberculosis

Ans. b

101. Which of the following is a post blood transfusion complication:

a. metab alkaosis

b. metab acidosis

c. resp alkalosis

d. resp acidosis

Ans. b

102. A patient presents with hemoptysis and cushingoid features with a lack of dexamethasone supression, likely reason

a. adrenal hyperplasia

b. adrenal adenoma

c. ca lung

d. ectopic ACTH production

Ans. d

103. mitral valve vegetations do NOT embolise usually to

a. brain

b. liver

c. spleen

d. lung

Ans. d

104. Kussmaul’s sign is NOT seen in

a. restrictive pericarditis

b. constrictive pericarditis

c. cardiac tamponade

d. RV infarction

Ans. ?

105. Most common fungal infection in febrile neutropenia

a. aspergillus niger

b. candida

c. mucormycosis

d. asper. Fumigatus


106. Beta blocker which has less first pass metabolism and more excretion through kidney is

a. propanolol

b. sotalol

c. bisprolol

d. nadolol

Ans. b

107. NOT associated with thymoma

a. red cell aplasia

b. myasthenia gravis

c. hypergammaglobulinemia

d. compression of the supr mediastinum

Ans. c

108. All of the following are true regarding DIC except

a. decreased platelets

b. decreased fibrinogen

c. decresaed PTT


Ans. c

109. which of the following is NOT seen on hemoglobin electrophoresis in sickle cell anemia:

a. HbA

b. HbA2

c. HbF

d. HbS

Ans. a

110. A patient is on ventilator. His pH is 7.5 with PO2 = 85mmhg and pCO2 = 25mmHg. HCO3 = 23 mmol per litre. Most likely condition is

a. resp. alklosis

b. resp. acidosis

c. metabolic alkalosis

d. metabolic acidosis

Ans. a

111. man aged 60 has testicular tumor; most likely to be:

a. germ cell

b. sertoli cell

c. teratocarcinoma

d. lymphoma

Ans. d

112. Chandreash, age 61 years, complains of intermittent claudication, dizziness and headache. Most likely cardiac lesion

a. TOF

b. ASD

c. PDA

d. Coarctation of aorta

Ans. d

113. BP Samples from two community are best compared by

a. Paired T test

b. student’s test

c. chi squre test

d. cohart

Ans. a

114. secondary hyperparathyroidism due to vit D deficiency shows

a. hypocalcemia

b. hypercalcemia

c. hyper phosphatemia

d. hypo phosphatemia

Ans. d

115. Congenital syphilis can be best diagnosed by

a. IgM FTAabs

b. IgG FTAabs


d. TPI

Ans. a

116. Dinesh, age 29 years has h/o sore throat 3 days back. Now he has complains of dysure

a. On urine examination dysmorphic RBC are seen. Most likely cause is

a. post strpt. GN

b. Ig A nephropathy

c. ATN


Ans. b

117. A patients CSF report is sugar of 40, protein of 150, chloride of 550, lymphocytosis present, diagnosis is

a. fungal meningitis

b. viral meningitis

c. TB meningitis

d. leukemia meningitis

Ans. c

118. A person comes in contact with other. This is called

a. locard principle




Ans. a

119. A 45 years male presents with hypertension. He has abnormal movements in right upper and lower limbs. Mostly likely site of haemorrahge is


b. caudate nuclei

c. pons

d. subthallmic nuclei

Ans. d

120. Impaired consciousness, visual hallucination, hyperactivity and fragmentary delusions are typically seen in

a. delirium

b. dementia

c. paranoid psychosis

d. schizophrenia

Ans. a

121. Which test is not useful in optic neuritis

a. ERG

b. Evoked Potential Retinogram



Ans. a

122. A 23 year lady presents with dizziness and chest pain. On examinations there is tachycardia and systolic ejection murmer at mitral are

a. Investigation of choice is

a. echo cardiography

b. ECG

c. Angiography

d. CT

Ans. a

123. in 2 comuunities X and Y, Y shows more false +ve cases as compared to X. The possibility is




d. Y community has low prevalence

Ans. d ?

124. In ASD all are seen except

a. LVH

b. RVH

c. right axis deviation

d. pul. hypertension

Ans. a

125. All of the following anaesthetic agents can be given in children except

a. halothene

b. ether

c. morphine


Ans. c

126. Basanti, age 28 presents with 6 weeks of amenorrhe

a. She has developed pain ab

d. fluid in pouch of douglous. Most probable diag. Is

a. ovarian cyst

b. ectopic Preg.

c. red degeneration of fibroid


Ans. b

127. All are true regarding inguinal canal except

a. roof is formed by conjoint tendon

b. deep inguinal ring is formed by transverse abdominus

c. superficial inguinal ring is formed by ext. obliq. Muscle

d. int. obliq muscle forms anterior and post. wall

Ans. b

128. Chandu, age 32 presents with ab

d. pain and vomiting. He also complains some psychiatric symptoms and visual hallucinatios. Most likely diagnosis is

a. a

c. Intermittent. Porphyria

b. hypothyroidism

c. hyperthyroidism


Ans. a

129. In low doses aspirin acts on

a. cyclo-oxygenase

b. thromboxane A2

c. PGI 2

d. lipoxygenase

Ans. b

130. More false positive cases in a community signifies that the disease has

a. high prevalence

b. high sensitivity

c. low prevalence

d. low sensitivity

Ans. c ?

131. All of the following are false except

a. Oxytocin sensitivity is increased during delivery

b. Prosglandins should be given during II trimester



Ans. a

132. All of the following are true except

a. halothane is a good analgesic

b. halothane sensatise the heart for catacholamines

c. halothane


Ans. a

133. Autoimmune haemolytic anemia is seen in

a. ALL

b. AML

c. CLL

d. CML

Ans. c

134. IPPV can cause




d. barotraumas

Ans. d

135. A neonate presents with resp. distress. On investigations, his mediastinum was shifted towards right side.


b. Diagphrmatic hernia



Ans. b

136. Bilateral ptosis is not seen in


b. marfan’s syndrome

c. Mys. gravis


Ans. b

137. Protein responsible for contractility of muscles

a. troponin

b. tetnoin



Ans. a

138. which of the following is not mediated mediated through negative feed back mechanism

a. BP

b. GH formation

c. thrombin formation

d. ACTH relase

Ans. c

139. Digoxin is indicated in all of the followings except

a. atrial flutter

b. WPW syndrome

c. atrial fibrillation


Ans. b

140. True about Haemophilia A are all except

a. PTT increased

b. decreased PT



Ans. b

141. Ocular symptom not seen in Herpes zoster

a. se

c. glaucoma

b. viral keratitis

c. ant. uvetis


Ans. a

142. Which of the following is seen in First order kinectics

a. rate depends upon plasma conc.

b. rate does not depend on plasma conc.

c. rate depends upon plasma protein binding


Ans. a

143. Left sided lateral gaze is affected in leasion of

a. right frontal lobe

b. right occipetal lobe

c. left occipetal lobe

d. left frontal lobe

Ans. a

144. Which of the following is not seen in Huntington’s disease

a. cognitive symptoms

b. cog wheel rigidity

c. corea


Ans. b

145. Sampling error is …..

a. alpha error

b. beta

c. gamma


Ans. Tell us!

146. Alzheimer’s disease is associated with

a. down syndrome

b. marfan’syndrome



Ans. a

147. Anaesthetic agent of choice in renal failure

a. methoxyflurane

b. isoflurane

c. enflurane


Ans. c

148. All of the following are false except



c. Cox I is inducible


Ans. ?

149. A patient with pH 7.23, pCO2= 54, pO2= 66 mmHg and HCO3 = 10 mmol/L. Most likely condition is

a. resp acidosis

b. metabolic acidosis

c. resp. acidosis with meta acidosis

d. resp. alkalosis with met

a. Acidosis

Ans. c

150. All of the following are correct except

a. HDL is protective for IHD

b. LDL delivers cholestrol in tissue

c. increase cholestrol level causes increase in no. of receptors

d. VLDL is an endogenous triglyceride transporter

Ans. c

October 16, 2010

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