Diabetes in India

Diabetes has emerged as a major healthcare problem in India. According to Diabetes Atlas published by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), there were an estimated 40 million persons with diabetes in India in 2007 and this number is predicted to rise to almost 70 million people by 2025. The countries with the largest number of diabetic people will be India, China and USA by 2030. It is estimated that every fifth person with diabetes will be an Indian. Due to these sheer numbers, the economic burden due to diabetes in India is amongst the highest in the world. The real burden of the disease is however due to its associated complications which lead to increased morbidity and mortality. WHO estimates that mortality from diabetes, heart disease and stroke costs about $210 billion in India in the year 2005. Much of the heart disease and stroke in these estimates was linked to diabetes. WHO estimates that diabetes, heart disease and stroke together will cost about $ 333.6 billion over the next 10 years in India alone.

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