Medical Practitioners are raising hands against Pharm D. courses in India

The qualified private medical Practitioners are raising their hands against the Pharm D. Courses in India, a program initiated by Pharmacy Council of India (PCI). The registered doctors are raising serious questions about the need of introduction of Pharm D course in India. The pharmacy course citing the reason that it could lower the importance of doctors in future.

Are the future of Doctors are really in risk by this course?

The first such voice is raised by the Kerala branch of the Qualified Private Medical Practitioners Association (QPMPA). The association is planning to initiate a demonstration against this course. A Kerala based Private Doctor who is also the owner of Kozhikode based hospital apart from being a member of Kerala branch of QPMPA, is the first doctor to put her voice against this new course, thinks that implementation of such a course which will put intermediaries between a doctor and patient in hospitals would lead to reduction of all the control that at present lies with the doctor in medicines.

The Doctor also pointed out that such courses (Pharm D.) including M Pharmacy of B Pharmacy can only make compounders, not intermediaries to handle doctor’s work.can only make compounders, not intermediaries to handle doctor’s work.

Do you think Pharm. D Professionals can’t handle the Doctor’s Work?

The medical scenario may not be same. The traditional MBBS doctors may have to face a stiff competition from the new breed of medical practitioners with the introduction of new course Pharm. D in India. The Pharmacy Council of India has brought the Pharmacy Education equal to Western Countries, bringing opportunity for Indian students to work in western countries.

To run the Pharm. D courses the Institution should have 350 bedded hospital of its own.


Pharm. D course in India

5 responses on "Medical Practitioners are raising hands against Pharm D. courses in India"

  1. Ph.Ghulam Nabi ShahJune 21, 2011 at 11:44 PMReply

    We should welcome the new course of PharmD in India.Definitely it is going to benefit the ailing patients.Indian practitioners should not be panic because this course is already recognized as the minimum level of study in most of the developed countries and is now being followed by developing countries like ours.When the medical practitioners of these countries are working jointly with the PharmD professionals then what is the problem here.Let us join hands to make our country a world class in medical field where no body will doubt our achievements.By raising voice against this course will only show low self esteem before the world.

  2. first of all dear practitioners come over from this myth that such pharma courses are just to produce compounder, this thinking of your’s shows that u need an up-gradation.
    the new pharma era in our country is now about to begin, this course is a time demand to our country, so that we also can provide better medical and health care facilities like in western countries.
    this is not about crunching your bread and butter, but to improve health system and may provide a hurdle to such kind of malpractice, running with drug companies and practitioners bonding.

  3. The Medical Practitioners are in illusion that they are the total health care providers that’s why they are protesting against Pharm D course.
    Dear So called ‘Doctors’, if you have ever studied the facts of Pharmacy up to the Pharmacists level then only you can realize where you stands in medical world of healthcare system.
    This Pharm D. is to upgrade our profession in the clinics, not to steal the Physicians job or two-times meal like you people are doing with the Pharmacist.

    This is beginning of the new Pharmacy era…keep watching Mr.”Practitioners” we are introducing more technical advancements in the courses and practice of Pharmacy.

    In last i suggest that, Dear Practitioners don’t panic we are not in competition with you we are just upgrading our profession that will help the practitioners as well as human healthcare system in our country. Try to work together and respect Pharmacy profession as yours and Pharmacist too only then you people can upgrade.

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