New Vaccination technologies minimizing needles application

Several needle-free approaches to vaccination are at advanced stages of development and thus the days of the hypodermic needle might be numbered, at least in the fight against some infectious diseases.

Recent Research shows that the days of hypodermic needle may be numbered as several needle- free approaches of vaccination are in advanced stage of development. Nano-patch a system to deliver wide range of vaccines has shown good immune response with only a fraction od dose is required. This will decrease the problem of poor vaccine coverage, contamination & needle – stick injury. This can improve the access of medical care in the developing countries as well. Needle free delivery systems are being developed for influenza, HPV and HIV vaccines. Nano patch is a skin patch with thousand of tiny projections that are too small to see but that are effective nano needles, dry coated with bio molecules.  Nano patches systems uses fine needles to delivers vaccines beneath the outer layer of skin. These bio molecules dissolve in tissue fluid and reach the target cells. Other innovative technologies also under development include inhabitable vaccines, oral delivery systems, and sub lingual preparations of micro particles, nano particles, or small compressed pellets that contain immunogenic materials.

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