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The generic industry is a fast evolving market; with significant lucrative opportunities. The generic market is structurally set to experience high growth potential. That wave is partly driven by cost-containment in several national healthcare sectors and partly by the need for governments to promote the use of generic products over high-priced originator products without compromising quality.

In 2006, the global generics market attained strong revenues of approximately $65bn, up by 12% in comparison with $58bn in 2005. However, during the same period, the Top Ten leading generic suppliers generated total revenues of $27.9bn, up by a growth rate of 34%. The Top Five Companies within that sector experienced significant revenues, with market growth largely driven by significant commercial activities, key Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) and launch of new product in the leading markets.

In light, of the significant number of proprietary branded pharmaceuticals approaching patent expiration in the near-term, visiongain predicts that the generic market is set to experience further market expansion during the forecast period. Visiongain also predicts that by 2023, the Top Ten leading generic suppliers will experience CAGR of 7%. That significant CAGR, will be driven by generic versions of leading blockbuster drugs presently estimated at $100bn, nearing patent expiration during 2008-2012.

Prominently, amongst the products with looming patent expirations are drugs such as:

> Pfizer’s Lipitor

> AstraZeneca’s Nexium

> Bristol Myers Squib’s Plavix

> Pfizer’s Norvasc

> Lilly’s Zyprexa

> Janssen’s Risperdal

> Wyeth’s Effexor

In 2007, a total of 14 drugs came of patent in the US market. In 2008, a total of 14 drugs are expected to lose patent protection in the US market. In 2009, five drugs are predicted to becoming off-patent in the US market. On the 24 of March 2010, the world’s highest selling drug, Pfizer’s Liptor will come off-patent in the US. In the EU market, UCB’s Keppra and four other medicines are expected to lose patent protection. In 2011, 10 major drugs in the US market will also become exposed to generic competition. An estimated 11 drugs will experience generic competition in the EU market during the same year. Significant among these drugs will be Lipitor and Zyprexa.

Moreover, the generic market is projected to further expand through the growing uptake of biogeneric/ biosimilar products. In 2006, biological drugs, the products of biotechnology generated total revenues of $40bn. The US market alone, accounted for a significant proportion of total worldwide sales. Presently, in the EU, the growing popularity of these products are gaining newer heights, with managed care organisations (MCOs), healthcare providers and payers amongst others increasingly requesting these medicines as a significant cost-saving strategy. However, by 2010, an estimated 24 biologic drugs will near patent expiration opening up the market for generic possibilities.

Visiongain’s market analysis forecast a-to- be lucrative era during the mid-term of our forecast where we believe, the Top Ten generic suppliers will see strong sales growth leveraged through licensing of new products.

With Top Ten company-by-company forecast focus on regions:


• Teva (Asia/ Israel)


• Actavis (Finland)

• Merck KGaA (Germany)

• Ratiopharm (Germany)

• Sandoz (Switzerland)

• Stada (Germany)

North America

• Apotex (Canada)

• Barr (US)

• Mylan (US)

• Watson (US)

This report includes detailed five-year forecasts over the period 2007-2012, and NOW features 10 and 15-year forecasts to help you understand the medium-term prospects for these markets.

Why You Must Buy This Report:

This report features in-depth primary research, tables, graphs and charts, news, insights, the past and present developments in Market. This report will provide you with the complete understanding of operations of Top Ten companies that has driven their corporate growth in recent times. In addition, the report sheds significant emphasis on key strategies that will drive year-on-year sales growth of their leading products. Despite the lucrative opportunities presented to the leading companies through patent expirations, the visiongain reports analyses the key battles that the leading Top Ten generic companies will face during the same period.

This visiongain report is the single tool to equip you with the latest trends in all regional markets and why all (stakeholders) are opting for cheaper generic medicine, that are equally potent as their originator versions. Visiongain recommends this astute report to the major players in the field as it will arm you with the major legal challenges that leading companies face to date. The report, will also inform you on how the Top Ten generic companies are positioning themselves in facing the rising inherent cost of R&D expenditure especially on difficult-to-manufacture biogeneric/ biosimilars. In addition, the reports present a 360 degrees overview of requirements set by major regulatory authorities for larger evidence of clinical data before any authorisation.

When you buy this report, you will also get an understanding, through our overview; of how present changes in Governmental Pharmaceutical Policies with respect to cost-cutting coupled with major hurdles by that the Top Ten generic suppliers will have to overcome in the growing presence of price erosion /sensitivity in key and emerging markets. The Top Ten Generic League Market Analysis & Forecasts 2007-2023 report is a must buy, because it presents in-depth and unbiased financial analysis for the near-term, medium-term and the long-term, market dynamics.

When you buy the Visiongain 2008 Top Ten Generic League report, you will be buying current and vital information on the vast array of commercial opportunities marked for potent

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