Managers & Decision Making : By Peter Drucker

  • decision-making_0Managers affect the future of a company by making decisions. So Management is always a decision making process.
  • Discussing on decision-making tends to center around problem solving.
  • The emphasis must be on asking the right questions rather than on the right answers.
  • The job of a manager is to choose between a few obvious alternatives which will accomplish the desired end.
  • Tactical decisions: are complicated and more important. The situation is given and the requirements are evident. The only problem is to find the most economical adaptation of resources at hand.
  • The toughest decisions are which really matter is strategic. They involve finding out what the situation is, or changing it. These are specifically managerial decisions.
  • All managers has to make strategic decisions and higher the level in the management hierarchy, the more of them he has to make.
  • All decisions, on business objectives, on productivity belong here: they aim at changing the total situation, capital expenditure situations, organization decisions, they are mostly operating decision which is strategic in nature: management of sales districts or Training salesman; plant layout or raw-material inventory: preventive maintenance or the flow of payroll vouchers through our office.
  • In these decisions don’t look for right answers; it is to find the right question. We are not looking for right answers to wrong questions.
  • It is not enough to find right answers. It is the effective course of action you are looking for Management is not consumed with knowledge for its sake, but is concerned with performance.

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