World Brain Day 2016

The World Federation of Neurology has announced the third World Brain Day 2016 as on July 22. Its also the foundation of the World Federation of Neurology.theme for wfn

The campaign topic for year 2016 is “Brain Health and the Ageing Population” with a purpose that this day should be devoted to increase the awareness for diseases associated with ageing age, treatment and prevention of neurological complications affecting elderly population etc so that the brain damage can be prevented with growing age. Thus increasing the quality of life of elderly population. It would have a cascading effect on the entire human race with a net effect of increase in health index.

Brain health is very important for mental, spiritual, social and obviously physical health. Brain quotient is a determinant of economical and social well being

Lets see the facts : 

WFN stay healthy

  • Global share of older people (age more than 60 years) is more than 800 Million (12%)
  • Expectation to reach more than 2 billion (21%) by 2050.
  • By 2025, 80% of older population will be living in less developed countries.
  • Older persons are projected to exceed number of children in 2047.

The 3 most common neurological disorders in ageing population 

  1. Stroke
  2. Alzheimer’s Disease
  3. Parkinson’s Disease

Ways To Maintain Your Brain Health

  • Avoid Tobacco

  • Avoid Brain Injury (Seat belts, helmets, follow traffic rules)
  • Control Blood Pressure, Control Sugar and Cholesterol
  • Healthy Balanced Diet & daily exercise


An awareness campaign focuses on the ageing brain. A virtual press conference on World Brain Day with video statements by experts –

Watch this





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