Extensive Research Projects Promise Hope for Successful Zika Virus Vaccines

Zika Virus Vaccines HD imageEver since the Zika virus pandemic in various regions of the earth, several governments and health organizations are clamoring to take steps to curb the same. The virus, affecting several pregnant women around the world, has led to the birth of children with devastating defects. The recent statement by the World Health Organization where nearly 1.6 million individuals are affected with the deadly virus has called for awareness programs and measures to control the spread of this pandemic. The need for widespread immunization for the containment and further prevention in other regions of Latin and Central America has given birth to a robust market for Zika virus vaccines.

The Zika virus market has several medical companies and researchers working in a collaborative effort to develop vaccines for the epidemic and stifle the extent of its reach. A concerted determination by international and political health leaders has ensured that vaccines for Zika are being developed constantly and sent through rigorous trials of clinical testing for proving efficacy in curing the disease.

The market is estimated to generate nearly $14,500 million in 2017, and the future projection states a total value of $18,697 million by the end of 2022. This will be supported by a CAGR of 5.2%, according to the expert analysts at Allied Market Research. The increase in healthcare expenditures by the reigning governments will further expand the scope for progress in the industry.

Vaccine testing on monkeys proves effective

Intensive R&D projects being conducted to develop vaccines for children as well as pregnant women are aggressively being undertaken for combating this public health emergency. The usual testing in clinical trials is conducted on mice for obtaining results. However, the testing of the Zika virus promises to yield better results by testing on a monkey. This is essential because monkeys are the closest example of how the Zika virus vaccines are expected to behave when injected into humans.

For instance, researchers have recently discovered three vaccines which have proven their efficiency in achieving complete protection against the Zika virus. These have been tested on monkeys and showed how it protected the primates from two strains of the infection. The team, from Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, separated the immunoglobulin (IgG) from the plasma of PIV vaccine and infused the IgG into Zika virus-afflicted monkeys. The results showed that monkeys who received a higher dose of the vaccine were protected from the Zika virus.

The new advancement is a ray of optimism for the medical field as this will prove promising in clinical trials on humans. The U.S. government and Inovio are already looking at the potential to develop two of these vaccines for human safety trials. This is expected to give a real boost to the market if these vaccines prove effective on humans.

New Zika virus vaccine—proving efficacy in human trials

The constant clinical trials on mice and monkeys might yield substantial evidence on their effectiveness and potency to curb the Zika virus. However, scientists can never be completely sure unless it is tested on humans. Many pharmaceutical companies are putting in efforts to develop such vaccines that can prove to be a pioneer in the immunization scenario. The focus of the product manufacturers is on developing a safe and secure vaccine that can potentially limit the Zika virus infection as well as the spread of microcephaly in the fetus of pregnant women.

One such example is Inovio Pharmaceuticals, which has recently developed a DNA- based Zika Virus vaccine. This vaccine has proven successful in the first phase of clinical trials which Pharmacrunch Zika Virus Vaccines HD imageincluded open-label dose-ranging testing. The animal studies of this vaccine testing proved effective in preventing the virus infection and even brain damage. Another rising biotech company recently revealed the design of a new innovative device that apparently has the capability to detect the Zika virus and costs only $1 to make. With such progressive encouragements giving hope to the industry, the R&D projects that are engaged in trying to develop innovative Zika virus vaccines promise to reap major potential. By expanding combined efforts towards the development of Zika diagnostics and preventive tools, researchers and scientists are hoping to ensure healthier outcomes in patients.

The global Zika virus vaccines market is still in a developmental stage and is yet to scale new heights. With the deadly virus afflicting millions around the world, it has become imperative for researchers and pharmaceuticals to find out effective vaccines that can prevent the spread of the virus. If the effective solutions and safe vaccines were found earlier and approved faster in the earlier part of this year, it could have potentially changed the outcomes of Rio 2016 Olympics. The virus created waves of apprehension in the global sporting event, as the region was earlier host to a swarm of plagues. If sufficient vaccines and diagnostic tools could be developed before then, it could have led to a more anxiety-free monitoring of the entire event.

Companies such as Sanofi SA, Inovio Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Newlink Genetics Corporation, Takeda Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd., Bharat Biotech International Ltd., and GlaxoSmithKline PLC are working extra hard in dealing with the health hazards posed by the Zika virus infection. The focus has shifted towards collaborative efforts to curb the spread of this pandemic and ensure the progressive growth of the vaccines industry through widespread immunization.

Guest Contribution: Ketki Vaze 

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