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Globalization in Pharma

Globalization in PharmaLet us begin with basics of “Globalization” – 
Globalization in its literal meaning explains the inter-dependent & inter-connected markets for a company. When an enterprise extends the business beyond its local boundaries and generates revenue out of those markets. The geographical divisions become connection & nations become business nodes for these companies.
Do you know that a single pharmaceutical pill

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Who is responsible for shrinking marketing productivity of Indian Pharma Market?

India is now known as the diabetes capital of the world, known as the land of prosperity for Pharmaceutical drug makers. Rising incomes and increasing lifestyle diseases & demand of health well-being have resulted in 14 percent CAGR of IPM.

Because of no legal provisions on prescription-drug advertising & no other options other than direct sellings, Pharma companies have been …

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Why there is an increasing demand for Cancer medicines?

In an article published by EvaluatePharma® World Preview 2015, Outlook to 2020, it reflected that most of the companies are pumping their money in R&D of oncology, anti-rheumatic & anti-diabetic drugs.

Therapy AreasOncology being number – 1 therapy area with the fastest momentum in growth & largest market share in terms of value, making it most preferred choice …

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How International Trade affects Indian Pharmaceutical Market??

Pharma crunch imageb1With the increasing international trade kiosk from the biggest Pharmaceutical market, raising negotiations with American Pharma giants to focus on local trade by President Trump administration, and decreasing monopoly of western pharma companies at global contexts. We can expect some newer policies on International trade in Pharmaceuticals as well & it’s obvious that any new policy in International trade may

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Extensive Research Projects Promise Hope for Successful Zika Virus Vaccines

Zika Virus Vaccines HD imageEver since the Zika virus pandemic in various regions of the earth, several governments and health organizations are clamoring to take steps to curb the same. The virus, affecting several pregnant women around the world, has led to the birth of children with devastating defects. The recent statement by the World Health Organization where nearly 1.6 million individuals are

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New Script for Digital Transformation in Pharma

quintiles-digital-patient_highresIn 2015, 204.1 million Indians had a smartphone, and for the first time the searches from mobile phone outnumbered the searches from a desktop computer on Google. 1 in 20 searches today on Google is for health information. Digital engagement is now a fundamental part of how patients, providers, caregivers, pharmacists and others live their lives.

In this article …

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