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PharmaCrunch Online Student Care counseling is the core feature which helps a student identify the career path he can follow to achieve his ambition in life. We have attached a lot of importance to this feature and the facilities provided here include the development of career graph for the student visiting our site.

PharmaCrunch offers a confidential space in which you can talk to a counselor about your concerns. Counselling Panel offers you understanding, a feeling of being listened to, valued and accepted in a non-judgmental way. There is no pressure on you and we’re not here to tell you what to do. Instead, as counselors we aim to help you find your own answers.

Our counselling team is available:

  • to all Pharmacy students – part-time or full-time, undergraduate or postgraduate.
  • for project assistance/guidance at graduate & Post-graduate level.
  • for job issues/company profile discussion.
  • for discussing future prospects of Pharmacy/other allied courses.

All counselling is confidential except when someone is in serious danger. In these rare cases we will discuss any potential break in confidentiality with you.

Fill the online query sheet to get in-depth answers to the query you may have. Our team will help you soon about your issue/concern.

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