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PharmaCrunch Team offers our online platform for academicians, working professionals, corporate leaders & researchers from various domains of pharmacy to share their learnings, conductive thoughts &  professional experiences helping others to cultivate the changing Pharmaceutical Industry.

Guidelines for submissions:

  • Your articles/contents should not be for promotion of services or products
  • Attach graphs, diagrams and HD images(if any) related to contents/articles to make it more attractive & comprehensive
  • Include 1-2 lines about yourself & attach your photograph(if want to get published)
  • Reference of the content(except personal learning blog post).
  • We aspire to respond to every single submission we receive – rejections and acceptances alike. Rest assured we will publish your content if the same would help our readers.

If your unique creations help our subscribers to learn new things, we would surely reward you for your efforts as a part of our “Reward & Recognition Program”

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